Fiero has a DRC e.V. breeding license (breeding partners have to be prcd-PRA free). He is available for stud to all suitable bitches with FCI pedigree.


With regards to breeding, I am aiming at healthy, mentally fit pups that are eager to work.


To me it is very important that the puppies find suitable toller-friendly homes where their need to work is met.


Being a stud dog owner I’m happy to be there for the puppies’ owners and also glad about long-term contacts.



For breeding requests please use my mail address ( or contact form.






 Summit Fire Ambala Fiero


 Hunter's Moonlight Handsome Ira       

 (more information)


 Mic Mac Hunter's Hogqqyii

 (more information)


 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever



 Registration number

 DRC T 15-1041


 Judith Engel




 52 cm/ 1,70 ft/ 20,47 in


 20 kg (24 month)










 RD: free, PRA: free, Katarakt: free

 (tested 24.06.2017)


 correct full dentition




 clear by parentage


 clear by parentage


 N/N - normal


 Tnormal/ clear


 D/D - full color


 N/N - normal


 N/N - normal


 N/N - Wildtyp




- JP/R (junior hunting test)

- Begleithundeprüfung VDH (companion test)

- Formwert DRC - excellent

- Begleithundeprüfung DRC (companion test)

- Wesenstest DRC (mental test)

- Zuchtzulassung für die Standardzucht DRC (breeding      licence)






- Erfurt - VV 2 – 19.06.2016 (puppy class)

- Hannover – SG 1 – 29.10.2016 (junior class)

- SRA Aichach - V1 CAC DRC & VDH - 24.06.2017

  (intermediate class)

- Meisdorf - V1 CAC VDH - 01.07.2017 (intermediate


- Posen (PL) - excellent 1 - 21.10.2017 (intermediate


- Chemnitz - V2 Res. CAC VDH - 08.04.2018 (open class)

- SRA Diedersdorf - Excellent 2 Res. CAC VDH, Res. CAC 

   DRC - 05.05.2018 (open class)





"Excellent representantive of his breed. Masculine head, medium eye color, excellent ears, great charisma, excellent anatomy in all parts. Free space movement. Excellent coat and white parts."


judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel



Wesesnstest (mental test):



"The 24 month old male toller is spirited, active and and very playful at all test situations. At the same time he is very attentive and fearless. He pursues targets with stamina.


His predatory and retrieving instincts are highly develped. He joyfully retrieves all offered items with endurance.


There is trustful bond and he is willing to subortinate.


Being playful and interested in contact with humans, he's confident with confined situationst.


The male dog is confidend with gunfire. Different visual and acoustic situation leave him unimpressed,  he explores independently.



A cheerful, active male that loves interacting with people."



judge: Birgit Muhr



Link to K9-Data:





Summit Fire Ambala Fiero

Mic Mac Hunter's Hogqqyii

Redadict Unstoppable

LPI LPII SE U(U)CH SE VCH Tollarbos Quiz A'Pollon

TK1, TK2 Rocmin Daddy's Dream

Mic Mac Hunter's Donoma

LPI Hircum's Lysander

Dt.Ch. mit Arbprfg., Dt.Vet.Ch Mic Mac Hunter's Bessh

Hunter's Moonlight Handsome Ira

Dt.Ch.(VDH), Dt.Ch.(DRC) Blackwoodriver-Tollers Baven

Webley's Gibli

Zoe Myrgus v.d. Echtinger Grift

Hunter's Moonlight Arcadian Kjuna

Renarder's Keystone Pioneer Aindow

Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), Dt.Ch.(DRC),Trialer à la Fr Hunter's Moonlight Caylee Vom Lech-Toller Nest




Fiero's development



Fiero at work



As already mentioned in the „About Us” section, the toller virus is incurable. Being completely enchanted by our first toller Finja, my husband and I decided that another toller puppy had to move in. When we heard about Finja’s sisters having her first litter, it was clear that we wanted one of those pups.



Hence, in January 2016 the little boy Fiero moved in with us. Fiero bonds strongly with his humans. Consequently the first days with us were rather difficult for him as he had already established a close bond with his breeder Judith. However, by now he has become my personal littler stalker. He loves cuddling and would prefer spending all day close to me. At home he is rather relaxed and prefers lying down on hard surfaces. Nevertheless being outside he is extremely agile and attentive concerning his environment.



Fiero loves all humans. He shows lots of affection for people he knows better. Being sociable with other dogs, he doesn’t ask for trouble, but he doesn’t want to be molested either. During the first contact he is always friendly and sometimes even plays the clown.



Being a jolly and lively clown and charmer, he is full of will-to-please, stamina and vitality. I appreciate his joy of living and his constant will to interact with me. There is hardly a day without a smile on his face or making me smile.


Slowly but surely Fiero is getting a little more mature: the little boy is becoming a reliable and ambitious working dog showing joyous love of challenges. But to be honest: one of the reasons we love our tollers is that they never really grow up :-)